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A new journal...

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Some of you might be wondering why I have a second journal, some of you might be surprised to find you could have two journals, heck some of you are probably confused by the Ronseal reference (aka more than likely anyone who hasn't spent any significant time in the UK); let me explain.

One of the cool features of the new GD.Net software is that you can have more than one journal, be it local or linked to a remote one, something I discovered quite quickly but couldn't come up with a use for so I mostly ignored it. The reason why I'm using it now is because I've decided I want to make a seperation between my 'technical' entries where I talk about projects, be they planned or in progress, and 'opinion pieces' where I give my thoughts on things and offer opinions on technology changes in the programming world.

The Ronseal thing; well there is a well known advert in the UK for a product line called Ronseal which does things like 'protect hardwood' and the like the their tag line is "does what is says on the tin", thus the point of this journal is to do what it says; give thoughts and opinions :D

One thing I will say, when I start throwing things out I welcome feedback, counter points or indeed, if you have them, facts to totally disprove what I've been ranting about. Try to keep things constructive (any comments which I consider insulting and counter productive will get removed, so I'd avoid the usage of the term 'n00b' for example if you have a point to make ;) ) and generally friendly. I might make a few controversal posts from time to time as it is to a degree opinion based but I'll try to be respectful when I can :D
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I suggest a 3rd source of confusion, how do you find your other journal? You've not made a link too it here, and when I look at your member information there's no 2nd entry for another journal. If you're seeing a 2nd journal but we're just seeing a continuous set of posts under your "phantom" name then there's effectively no difference for us...

... or is it just not running yet? :D

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Well, this IS the new one, note it says " Thoughts and Opinions[url="http://www.gamedev.net/blog/1176-thoughts-and-opinions/"][color="#393939"][/color][/url]" above entry not "Not Dead..." as it normally does.

But, yes, it might be a tad hard to get to as the default journal for my name takes you to "Not Dead...".

Have to see how this develops <_<

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You should have three journals - technical, opinion, and technical option. No, four - technical, opinion, technical opinion, and opinions about technicalities. No, wait, five. Add technically technical opinions. No, wait, six...

Only joshing. :)

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