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Describing Hieroglyph 3

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I've been spending some time lately writing a document that describes the rendering process for Hieroglyph 3. To be perfectly honest, I jotted down an outline and thought that I would have the document written in a matter of a couple days, but it has been really quite an involved document to write. I am realizing that there are a bunch of things that I understand about the renderer that have been a long time in the making, but that I need to properly document and describe for others to follow along with what is going on.

Overall, the process has been quite interesting. It is more or less forcing me to describe the design, which I haven't formally done before. Even though I know how it works, it is quite useful to read through the description and see what is really happening - it gives some feedback about what I need to be improving and where I will be extending the engine in the future.

The first half has been roughed in, and is added to the latest SVN repository commit on codeplex if you are interested in checking it out ahead of its completion. I hope to add in more detail, and add the second half within the next week or so, so more info will be coming shortly!
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Hi there,I am currently studying multi resolution terrain modeling and visualization (in fact started recently :) and want to rendering in directx 11 and came up with Hieroglypy. I really liked it and already started to digging :). I hope to I can lend a hand if possible...

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I missed your comments until now darkwalker - thanks for the input and I look forward to discussing the library more. The book should be available shortly (within a week if I'm not mistaken) so we will have lots to talk about :)

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