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Epoch warming up for a new release!

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I've finally closed out the last bugs on the Epoch Release 11 task list, and I'm down to just polishing up the package and getting some last-minute goodies together for the distribution.

One of the highlights is that the Era IDE prototype now supports loading and saving files. Era is written entirely in Epoch and provides a code editor for Epoch programs. So you can literally edit Era's source code using itself, using Epoch syntax highlighting hints. It's pretty sweet. Sort of like compiling GCC using GCC... there's a bizarre kind of meta-circular wizardry going on that my inner nerd is absolutely insane about.

As I continue getting scraps of free time over the next week or so, I'll keep polishing the IDE implementation and get things up to a point where one can actually write, compile, and test a program all from within Era. That should be enough magic to satisfy me for one release biggrin.gif
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