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Paper Modeller 01

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I decided to make an entries about the progress with screenshots. So here it ising:
(a power out killed my well parsed literature masterpiece so I have to rewrite the post but in a simpler way):
  • window + menubar (only decoration yet)
  • openGL
  • 3D grid + basic camera control (rotate, zoom, pan, dolly)
  • coordinate system icon
  • wavefront .obj loading
    • vertex data
    • face data: with polygons, to preserve "edge flow" which is a very important thing in polygon modelling. But polygons are converted to triangle fans, polygon stuff will be maintained through the edges (selectable/non-selectable or visible/non-visible).
    • vertex normal calculation: I don't think I'll bother with smoothing groups, the mesh should be split accordingly. I use the angles between the incoming edges as the weights of the triangle normals, I think that gives the best results. The loader always recalculates vertex normals and ignores normal data in the .obj file.
    • smooth + vertex display of the meshThe next things would be texture data loading, splitting the mesh according to the texture coordinates (so only one indexing, geez I don't speak English).

      Or not, I'm not sure yet. spliting the mesh would probably screw unfolding, and the user wouldn't know why. So maybe I should only split the mesh for render, if I ever implement vertex buffer whatevers.

      And of course loading the texture(s). *sigh*, I have to look for an image loader library for C. And atlas the textures *sigh*.

      Sorry for the crap language, the former version was better (...)


      EDITED some typos...
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There's code for a texture atlas here:

And you could take a look at DevIL for image loading

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Give SOIL a try

The name implies it is tied to OpenGL, but I found that relieving it of OpenGL dependencies and using it for loading images into memory isn't too bad.
API is straightforward as well.

EDIT: just saw that you were using OpenGL anyways, so no need to relieve OpenGL dependencies :D

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