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Marketing, Advertising, Psychology, And Game Development

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What? An indie is suppose to know that, let alone do that. Well, in this day and age indie doesn't mean 50% half baked worked but rather independent studio. It was never to refer to level of work, but rather if the studio had a publisher or not. Funny, today most indies believe it is work level and cash flow, but sadly in fact it was not meant for that reference.

Marketing and YOU

I doubt 98% of you can even tell me how to market your video game. Marketing is the key compilation of regional information such as gender, ethics, level of education, trends, styles, likes and dislikes, psychological standpoints. Providing results in a more "addictive" 3 in depth levels of conscious, subconscious, and subconscious addiction developed content for your video game. Marketing isn't about words per say, but how you present the words to your target audience. Most will never go this far, and this is the difference between thousands of sales and millions of sales.

Advertising and YOU

This is where you choose your words to sell. Also you might want to choose how to represent your game to your audience through visuals like videos and images. Advertising will allow you to choose a budget, and how far you can get with that budget. You want to draw the crowd, but be specific. You would rather have a tight niche elite set of gamers spread your game via word of mouth than everybody just generally talking about your game with little to no sales. The tight niche elite gamers will stop at nothing to hype your game, will be your best asset and investment in the long run.

Psychology For Your Games

I really should omit this article. It's not like 98% of you would even use this, let alone understand it. This is the big league that separates the games that get the recycle bin from the games that keep getting bought ages past. Psychology for your target audience. Every choice, visual art, event, dialogue, emotional thought, and sound must be designed specifically to addict your target audience. Lacking in visual, sound, or mechanics layering addiction will result in people saying your game "feels lacking" "empty". Really, come on cynics and prove me wrong here. Take a look at all the blockbuster games of old and new. Compare the psychological levels of the games. The ones that are mega hits for ages are psychologically layered for addiction. The ones that aren't get trash bin status. Layers should go as deep as 3 for each. Layer 1 should be any conscious area of addiction. Layer 2 should be subconscious area of addiction. Layer 3 should be your attempt to create a new subconscious layer of thoughts and addictions you want the player to experience and accept as truth. Layers for visuals should include your demographic target PR data. Layers for sound and mechanics should equally include your target pr data. You should go one step further by subconsciously creating a deep psychological layer of introduction to the game allowing players of all aspects to be introduced to the game, and being able to connect. Konami did this well with the metal gear series. I need to give them kudos for what they did. If you don't get it, this will mean BOX SALE DIVE BOMB.

We will continue to add to the selected topic elements in another article. Please look forward to part 2 for game development and a example of how to implement these features into your game. If you simply don't understand or don't care please ignore this article. Questions asked will be answered, if deemed answerable and proper, in a timely manner. Contribution is appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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Lolz, I like how "immature" and "ignorant" you are. Obviously you don't own or operate a successful business. You looking for magic "cookies"? I can get you a long list once you stop pmsing on my journals. Go bleed somewhere else until your calm enough to comprehend. If you want me to spoon feed you, I'll gladly take donations via paypal. Other than that, Google it, and then come back after your off pms and ask "questions" that don't make you look like a complete retard that can't read.

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