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Hieroglyph 3 Website

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For a variety of different reasons, I am building a website for Hieroglyph 3. It has been a long time coming, and I am starting to get involved more and more in web programming, so the task seems appropriate for me right now. The site is based on WordPress, and is currently being put together on the free WordPress.com service until I get further along. It's nothing too fancy at the moment, but I have some big plans for it going forward.

There is a developer blog on the new site, but I intend to continue posting all of my content in both locations at least for the foreseeable future. There are many good attributes to having a presence on GameDev.net, and the ability to connect to lots of developers is a great asset. However, over time, I think the Hieroglyph 3 news will migrate over to the site, while more general development discussions and topics will stick around here.

If you have a few minutes, drop by the (temporary) new site and let me know what you think about it.

[subheading]Hieroglyph 3 News[/subheading]
In other Hieroglyph 3 news, I recently replaced all references to the Boost library. This was requested long ago, but I never got around to it until just recently. With this update, Boost is no longer a pre-requisite for Hieroglyph, which only needs the DXSDK now. This is a good thing, as it simplifies the effort of getting up and running with the library. The other administrative changes that are coming along will be an update to Visual Studio 2010 project and solution files, as well as supporting x86 and x64 modes. These aren't the sexiest topics to work on, but I think they are necessary to keep the framework modern and up with the times. The latest edition of the library can be found on the project's codeplex page.

I've also been devising some further samples to add to the library, and have a few ideas in mind. I will post a little about them as they are coming along, but they will be intended to cover some gaps in the D3D11 feature set that is currently visible in the samples of Hieroglyph 3... And of course, if you have any requests or suggestions I would love to hear about them!
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That might take a little while :rolleyes: Although the Hieroglyph engine started out with plans for cross API support, that quickly fell away as I started using OpenGL... No offense to the cross platform developers, but OpenGL is really not much fun to use (at least to me...). Even so, D3D isn't cross platform at all, so I guess you get what you get!

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