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Blood Tactics updates.

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Since my previous journal entry ive added and tested the following.

- fixed rendering order of transparent objects
- frustum culling
- player kill displays
- message when a player enters or exits the game
- duplicate player name resolution
- playes scores (press tab)
- falling of the map will now kill you instead of just letting you fall endlesly
- client side interpolation to smooth out opponants movement
- prevented players from killing each other at the same time. The player that shot first will always live.

The server is up 24/7 for anyone that wants to check it out (www.distantmelody.net/blood-tactics). Its mostly stil pretty quiet but ive been in a game today with 5 other people :D so if its empty you can always check back later.

Tomorow and over the weekend im going to start adding more guns to the game and my partner will be working more on the map.
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