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Some notes on my future game

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Something that I've realized recently (over the last couple of days) is that I have NO idea how to program 2D games. When I first started programming back in 2007, I jumped head-first into 3D and never even looked into the 2D stuff. Normally, people start out with 2D, but not me; I was too excited about making an explorable world, similar to "Super Mario Galaxy"...but that never happened. :P

So I have a LOT of research to do on making a sidescrolling 2D platformer, as that's what my first game with GLBasic is going to be.

The photo below is simply to prove that I've been working on sprites and that I'm just messing around with them to see how to make them seamless. I keep going back in GIMP and editing the sprite, but I think I finally have found a final design I really, really like, but I might still change a couple of things.


Originally, "A*Little*Epic" was going to be a 3D game, but with throwbacks to old 2D sidescrollers. The levels would be completely linear, the player locked to the X/Y coordinates to simulate the old days where the Z coordinate wasn't yet in use, and the old high-score-gets-you-lives thing would certainly come into play.

But before I could even start work on the 3D engine, I started looking into better tools to design it with. First, I thought that DarkBASIC professional would be perfect, but it has a lot of troubles with Windows 7 since SP1 was released. Blitz3D was my second choice, but I didn't want to be restricted to just Windows, as I also enjoy working on Linux every now and then. XNA was my next choice because I could develop it for the Xbox 360, but again, it used DirectX so it was restricted to Windows. Plus, as much as I've tried learning C#, it confuses me more than C++!

GLBasic was discovered, and it's the perfect tool for this game, I just know it. It supports so many platforms it's almost unbelieveable!
Now, I'm making this game 2D because I not only want to start making 2D games, it's the only type I can make with the demo version of GLBasic. :P

Here are some notes on the features this game will have...

  • Cutscenes. These will be very key to the whole game, as there's simply no other way to tell the story. It will be reminiscent of the old cutscenes games used to have, with no spoken dialog, just a simple box with scrolling text...I like retro.
  • Bonus Levels/Bonus Worlds. This is something I love about certain video games; unlockable levels/entire worlds. If the game has hidden the paths to these unlockable areas pretty well and lays out clues to their existence, it keeps me coming back to the game in an attempt to find them. I plan on at least four very hidden, very unlockable worlds, and once the player has won the game and found every secret, something truly Epic will happen... :D
  • Built-in Level Editor. This is for replay value, as is the last note. I want players to be able to design and play their own levels, and to be able to share them online. With that functionality, the game will almost never be over, as people can submit and download new levels every day!

    Granted, that's not a lot of features, but they're very important ones. And there's a lot I haven't shared yet, and won't until the first demo of this game (due out in twenty years, give or take a couple of decades) is released for testing and review. :) Stay tuned if you're interested, and I'll post more about this when I have an actual game up and running!

    Time to look into how to make this thing....

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