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New graphics

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Hello again!

Just wanted to say that the Medieval Story project is still alive. I am working on GUI stuff, it's not difficult to do.. just a lot of work involved. Finding out I need more controls than I originally thought. I implement those new gadgets and suddenly some old stuff breaks, I then need to go back and fix that.. so It is a bit back and fourth right now.

I have redrawn the HUD and made a game play design decision; I am going to have player stats. These are strength, dexterity, constitution and intelligence. There won't be any class system so in my view it still isn't a full-blown RPG. The reason for this is that I like the idea of having enough (for example) strength to pick up and use a certain object, or intelligence enough to use scrolls. Together with this I am also implementing a skill system which mostly will be combat and healing oriented. Different buffs to make the player stronger and do more damage in certain ways.

Well, the new hud looks like this:
It is larger than the previous hud and more in-line with the rest of the graphics I think.

The new Character screen looks like this:
Here you will level up and assign skills to different slots in the hud, that's why one icon is out floating around the cursor (drag and drop). This screen is not yet finished, just wanted to show how far I've come and possibly get some feedback.

Thanks for reading! :)
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Looks slick, keep it up. The only pet peeve I have is that the hotkey slots are really big compared to everything else.

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I like that they're bigger. It's the part of the interface that will carry the most detail and I'm sure O-san'll have some lovely item art to fill it

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Thanks for the comments! I will look into it, them standing out from the rest. However... the idea was to have them easy excessible, there of the size.

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This looks really great so far. youve got alot accomplished. Just keep plucking away at it. your game looks great and I look forward to playing it.

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