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Some problems with GLBasic...

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Fantastic. Just when I thought this tool would be great, I discover a lot of problems with it on my current computer. It could just be my hardware (I am on a laptop, after all), but it's really annoying to have gotten so excited over it and then find some problems.

First, for some reason or another, every now-and-then GLB doesn't want to load ANY font file and goes back to its default barely-readable default font. Terribly annoying, especially when one is relying on it to ALWAYS load the correct font file and use it. My game requires a very specific font to be used. I've made sure that my font file is located in the correct folder...so I have no idea why it's doing this to me. :P

Second, there's problems within setting up the transparency for Sprites, but this at least can be worked with. Originally, I was creating a tileset for my game sprites, and loading a single image and splitting it in a For Next loop.

Fairly simple, eh? Not so much; even after making sure that the originally loaded sprite was transparent, using GRABSPRITE seemingly REPLACED the masked-out pixels with black again, and even using "SETTRANSPARENCY" before "GRABSPRITE" did not work. Someone showed me a way to get around it using polyvectors and it looked simple, but I decided to just save my sprites as standalone tiles. Annoying, yes, but it works.

I'm scared to try 3D stuff because some of the demos show a lot of screwed up faces, particularly the shadow demo. Others look fantastic, though, so I'm guessing it just depends on what shader you're using and what version of OGL you have. I think my graphics chip just really sucks. :P

In the meantime, I'm going to study Blitz3D again, because I found a huge series of tutorials on YouTube in making a 2D platformer with it, and it's easily modifiable to run in GLBasic or even DarkBASIC, and one could also go a step further to making it with C#, which is eventually what I want to learn anyway and have been studying in my spare time with this site, which is a FANTASTIC crash course through the fundamentals of C# but not necessarily on programming itself.

I still want to use GLB someday because the platform support is phenomenally good, but until I figure out why it's not working very well on my computer, I'm sticking with B3D and XNA.

[Edited out the code snippet because it got messed up]
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All the problems are definitely hardware related. Looking into fixes. :) Definitely going to resume studying the GLB dialect.

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