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Brief Update

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Just a brief update mostly on non-game related stuff.

I've placed the latest build of my Noter project on my website. I've been using it exclusively for about the past month for taking notes at work since the web based wiki that I was using started having issues I didn't care to pursue a solution for. I hadn't really planned on doing much more work on Noter but being forced to actually use it I found a number of issues that were intolerable to live with. I think I'm at a point now where, though it's still rough around the edges, things that you just naturally expect to work do actually work. Also, if anyone is interested this sort of thing, I plan on getting a copy of the code and development notes up next week sometime.

The other thing going on programming wise is that I've joined a group of people at the office that are looking to take the "Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) exam 70-515" which seems to be a certification that says that a you know the basics of .Net web development. We're meeting once a week, going through an exam training book chapter by chapter discussing whatever the chapter was about. Mostly the group is supposed to be an incentive to keep pace and it seems to be working for a few of us. If the various multiple-choice review questions in the book are an indication of what the exam is like, I'm pretty optimistic. Although I can't help but have the sense that I'm not studying or working through the material closely enough. It's a lot of basics that I already know with some specific things are new, none of which is very complicated. But this would be the first cert that I've tried to take since I got my 2 year diploma about 15 years ago that, although centered on a lot of programming, it wasn't really focused on the IT industry. So, I'm a little nervous.

Game wise, I've got nothing. Not even a little work on a sub-project of some kind. I am thinking of spending some time to try and get a handle on programming something for touch phones though that's probably not going to be too game related at first. And as always, I'm always thinking on lots of ideas for life long projects that will probably never see the light of day.
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When I click a link on the 'home' page of noter's default wiki, it shows the name of that page, but the tab still says 'home', and when I click edit, I get the home page.

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I believe I've had this issue before and it might be resolved by running vs90_piaredist.exe which should install mshtml.dll which is needed to process events for the browser control. I really need to look into getting some sort of install package going to do that sort of thing automatically. It's not at all intuitive having to install something like that. Sorry.

If that doesn't work, my ability to debug for different systems is quite limited but if there's anything you can tell me about your configuration it might help. It could very well be that it's an Internet Explorer issue either with a particular version or setting.

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