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The Start of Something Great

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So far our game has no name, but we are making great headway. We are a crew of sixteen friends, and growing. Brought together by the love of gaming, and also the common grounds of being complete nerds. Admittedly, most of us have little to no game creation experience, but we can make it work. I can't release to many details yet, but it will be truly epic. I'll try my best to keep you updated, as if any one is gonna read this.
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It would be great to see more details. How about some concept art or screenshots?

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[quote name='TheBuzzSaw' timestamp='1319816894']
SIXTEEN friends? I can barely scrape up an interested crew of two!

Well i feel lucky then. I think the number is actually 18. Hard to keep track because some people are off and on and others just randomly say they want to help.

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