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Das LEGO side-project.

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I'm still ""building my life"" so I'm still not at my computer, so the Paper Modeller project is still on hold.

But one can play with LEGO wherever one wants, so I've built my first ever MOC (my own creation) trial truck. I used to play LEGO a lot when I was a kid (approximately 10 years ago) but I didn't build much stuff on my own then, and mainly models (I mean for the looks) or only smaller parts of mechanisms. I hadn't built anything since then before now.

So my first real MOC project and my first meeting with the "studless" building system (in opposition with the older studded system which I was familiar with) lasted 4 days. I only had two kits (and one older one, but I used only a few parts from it). At first, I didn't take the "project" seriously, it was just for killing some time.

Due to these factors and the complexity/counter-intuitiveness of the studless system, the machine is quite hacky at some places, rebuilding the stuff would be a nightmare. If I had double amount of pieces, I could rebuild the whole thing using the older iteration as a reference. Maybe I'll do something about it, maybe it's time to move on to another project/experiment (experimenting with different suspensions for example).

[size="3"]So das auto:
It is an off-road vehicle with four wheel drive. It is not motorized (so "doesn't move by itself"). But it has a 2 speed gearbox, real differentials with a central differential and differential lock, working V6 piston engine and live axle suspension. The live axle suspension is pretty common in vehicles, especially off-road vehicles. Mine uses Panhard rods and trailing arms.

Building LEGO machines requires very much thinking in advance. You have to keep pretty much every features in mind from the beginning. Well, I couldn't do that, so the steering is not complete. It can be steered with a knob at the top of the vehicle (which is very common in LEGO kits too), but the steering wheel doesn't work. I managed to build the drive-train to it, but it has so many gears that the internal friction makes the whole thing jammed. So I took out the final gear, so the steering wheel is only decoration.

I don't have enough pieces to reinforce the body, so it has a small torsion under stress.
I'm satisfied with the model, it's pretty good for a first project with not too big piece inventory to work with.

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Wow! LEGO has come a long way since I was a kid. I have a 1yo son and have been eyeballing some of the new sets. I'm actually feeling inspired to pick up a set after reading this. I had a pretty large collection as a kid and enjoyed creating some pretty complex monstrosities. There was no elegant solution to building a transmission with PRND. I'm curious as to what these new sets are capable of.

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