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Made it through the phone interview got the email yesterday, one last in person interview. I am almost there. It has been a hell of a ride now to keep my head in the game and prepare for the werid task of writing code in front of people. I dont understand why it scares me so much and stresses me out it can't be much different then writing code on a screen in your room. So over the next couple weeks it will be time to write small techinical programs to just help get my head in the game and thinking in the right place. Anyone with any advice on stuff ussally covered in a in person tech interview would be greatly appreciated.

This has been a crazy process, Im not use to waiting for ansewers about a job. Having to wait for a e-mail or phone call to tell me if they liked my interview is rough.. It has been a great expeirence... Thanks to all of gamedev for your support.
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Congratulations and good luck!

The in person interview is the part of the process that I have always enjoyed most. Remaining calm and being yourself is the best thing you can do, but nervousness can make that difficult. Here are strategies I use to reduce risk,

(1) We you are solving a problem or answering a question make sure you talk about what you are thinking. If you are trying to figure something out, let the interview know by talking.
(2) Use simple, low-risk solutions to problems. Use brute force solutions but explain where the bottlenecks are or what alternative solutions are.
(3) Bring a working, thin-tipped whiteboard marker and write clearly.
(4) Start a problem by defining it on the whiteboard. If you're not clear about the starting assumptions, get clarification.

When you get past a couple of problems, you will feel more confident and you'll be better able to be yourself and be personable.


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