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Saturday, October 23rd

Well I didn't get to go paintballing today, cause we had a bunch of people drop out on us at the last moment. Blargh! But that's okay, since we might be going skydiving next week. Yes - skydiving. From 14,000 feet no less. Another cast member did it on Fri and had a blast. Now he's making the rest of us go. Sure, why the hell not?

So anyways I managed to stay injury-free today. Well, there are the usual cuts, scrapes, abrasions and bruises, but nothing with freely-flowing blood or big bumps like that smack to my head yesterday. I still have a purplish mark on my forhead, but it doesn't hurt. There were over 40,000 people in the park today. We almost had to do an extra show at 11:15, but luckily people were standing in lines more than they were walking about, so we got off at our usual time. Still, it took me 25 minutes to travel the half mile distance from the employee exit to Rt 195 which I take home. 40,000 people == a lot of traffic after all.

I got some more work done on Katana. I'm stripping out my current rendering system and retooling it. It's rather over-complex, to the point where I sometimes have to think for a few minutes about how it works [rolleyes]. I stumbled across a problem tho trying to use a member function to Z-order sort through my list. I'll try tackling it with boost::bind tomorrow. Hopefully this will up my frame rate some more - I need it.

So after getting frustrated I popped some corn and caught myself up (finally) with the last two episodes of Stargate SG-1 before the summer finale. Goooood stuff. I still have the last two episodes of Stargate Atlantis to watch too. Maybe tomorrow.

So yea... pretty blah day. Nothing too exciting. Hum drum. Ah well. To bed!!
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SG-1 and Atlantis rock!! Boy, I can't wait until they start up again. Luckily, I got the season 7 box set to keep me busy. Been working my way through that.

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