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Day 244 to Day 273 - A New Direction

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][font="Calibri"][size="3"]Well, the game was at a crossroads. [size="3"]I need to take over the programming to seemovement, but the core that had been programmed was based on Objected-OrientedPHP, jQuery, and AJAX. [size="3"]I had limitedexperience with all three of them. [size="3"]Itwas a daunting task thinking of trying to get up to speed on all the languages,all at once. [size="3"]So, I had a decision tomake, do I continue to use the core as it had been developed, or do I breakfrom the core, and go with procedural PHP, which I was comfortable with. In mydesire to see movement, I chose the latter. [size="3"]Within a couple of weeks, I was seeing real progress, as I was now atthe helm, and programming on a daily basis, the parts that needed to cometogether for the economy module. [size="3"]Thespare database was getting filled with tables, as I was able to layout myvision, and start to bring all the various pieces together. [size="3"]The Marketplace, real estate, building construction,special items shop, hiring for a job, take a job, refining the activities, allof this became a reality in short order. [size="3"]I was finally seeing a playable game, and it was exciting to see all theparts finally coming together.[/font]

[font="Times New Roman"] [/font]Visit our Dev Site: http://www.worldalpha.com
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