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At a distance

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Servant of the Lord


I'm just stepping in for a moment, to highlight the very fun game called 'At a distance' by [font=sans-serif]Terry Cavanagh, the same guy who made VVVVVV ([/font][font=sans-serif]you should go play that one too, if you haven't already[/font][font=sans-serif]).[/font]

[font=sans-serif]At a distance is a blindingly ugly 'retro graphics' game. It's a 3D cooperative game which requires two people playing together helping each other figure out what to do and where to go in the game world. I wont mention what you do in the game, as it kinda ruins it - it's the figuring out what to do that is the entire gameplay of the game. The first 5 minutes were really confusing, but things steadily fell into place as [/font][font=sans-serif]my coop partner and I [/font][font=sans-serif]gained greather understanding of how the game worked.[/font]

The game is completely free, though it[font=sans-serif] requires two separate computers that are best if physically side-by-side so you can see each other's screens. However, the game is very simple graphically, and a cheap netbook could probably run it just fine.[/font]

[font=sans-serif]Download it from Terry's site here: [/font]


[At a distance]


[font=sans-serif]We beat the game in about 45 minutes, but it was very enjoyable and just the right size (any longer and my eyes would've killed me).[/font]

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