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Yet more Station 6 artwork

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[color=#7D7D7B]Hello again,[/color]

[color=#7D7D7B]I haven't had time to work on Station 6 again this week, due to a lot of work needed to be done before the upcoming two week Christmas school holiday. I was also preparing for the British Informatics Olympiad, a three hour exam where you're given three really tough questions to answer through the use of programs that you need to code, which I took on Wednesday.[/color]

[color=#7D7D7B]Anyway, I'm still not letting up on doing the weekly blog post! All I've got this week is another drawing Ben did today. As soon as the holiday starts after next week (i.e. after Ludum Dare 22 weekend icon_smile.gif ), I'll be able to put much more time into Station 6.[/color]

[color=#7D7D7B]So, art:

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