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Chess WIP & Classic RPG Project for 2012

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It's been a whole week since the start of this project, and sadly I've been only able to program for a few hours during lunch at the office. I'm getting back into C++ with Allegro 5.0.5, and I've chosen a Chess game for my first project. After the completion of the Chess game, I'm going to be bolting right into programming a simple classic RPG, something with a few maps, and enemies. I've always loved the classic DOS RPG games I grew up playing from floppy disks, and a 1000+ games CD I had.

I sketched some concepts for creatures, just to give me a basic idea of some enemies I might use. These were done around a month ago, as I sketched them at work:

[font=Arial][size=2]gallery_193889_335_5979.jpg gallery_193889_335_16190.jpg[/font]

Now back to Chess!!! So far my chess board is working, I've finished programming the pieces, and what they all are "allowed" to do. There will be no AI in this game, simply because this project is nothing more than a learning experiment for me. It will allow two players on the same computer to take turns and play against each other. I need to finish off some of the GUI, then I can post a screen shot, or even just a live video of the game.

Some features to add-in:

- Aura around the piece you've selected
- Display showing all possible moves with each piece, when selected

I look forward to showing my game off in the next entry! I've made some simple place holder art until I've finished the programming side of the game. Then I will add some polish, and call it a completed project!

Twitter: [twitter]Black_Rook_Dev[/twitter]
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Is there anywhere(how) we can keep track on your rpg game?

I'm coding a game in allegro myself, but it's somewhere between megaman x and metal slug series...
I'll (probably) be using pmask for collision, but a classic RPG's collision is really simple, so no need for that in your case, I guess!
Already chose any game scripting mechanizm?
I'm too lazy to update my Allegro 5.0.4 to 5.0.5!

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Hello dejaime,

I'm still using the old fashion way I did collision before, good ole bounding box collision. I've used Pixel Perfect collision a long time ago, mind you the setup took some time, as I was still new to the concept.

I'm going to be keeping weekly journal entries on the RPG project. I'm almost done the chess game, just fixing some minor issues.

I'll be following your progress as well!

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Nice sketches! Is your rpg going to be top-down, isometric or maybe full 3D? Looking forward to updates :-)

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[quote name='O-san' timestamp='1324575842']
Nice sketches! Is your rpg going to be top-down, isometric or maybe full 3D? Looking forward to updates :-)

Hey there O-san! Thanks! ;) I have a few more done, but I'm not 100% set on the model yet. I was thinking just top down because it's going to be a simple game you can beat in a day. Right now I'm looking to get completed projects on a smaller scale before making anything big. I wish I could make an ISO game, but I have little experience in developing tools for ISO games.

My level of experience could lead me to make a lot of good games, but as you know, it requires a lot of time. :)

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