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Chess WIP Video + More Concept Art

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Happy New Year everyone! 2011 has surely been a blast and I hope 2012 yields even more rewarding experiences. I've been busy at work which has sadly left me with little time to program. I had some time off for the New Year, so I've completed a video below which shows my Chess Program in action.

Thanks for watching the video!!! My main purpose was to toy around with Allegro 5, and I'm finding that I enjoy using this library a lot. There is a lot of change from Allegro 4, as you now have events which deal with keyboard, and mouse actions! I'm still out of practice a bit with C++, so my programming is pretty rusty. I'm going to just release an Open Chess version, which allows you to make whatever moves you wish, plus move back from your last move if needed. My intent was not to fully make a Chess Program that could replace anything current, but to pave the way toward starting my RPG project for 2012.

I was able to sketch two more concepts at work. One is just a boss that appears to be mutated, and clearly deformed, but never the less a dangerous foe. The next picture shows a sword and a shield.

gallery_193889_335_34331.jpg gallery_193889_335_45610.jpg

I'm not fully sure where this game will go, but the graphics will all be custom, and this will be a 2D Classic RPG! I intend to keep this a simple project that contains basic RPG elements. Once this project has been completed, I will look into either building on this, or creating something more advanced!

Thanks for reading everyone! Please follow me on Twitter!

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