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Classic RPG #1 - Task 1

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This entry, along with the ones to follow, will show the progress on my Classic RPG game!

Task 1:

I've been thinking a lot on my approach for the project, but loosing focus due to a debate with graphics. This should not even be an issue, however I started to lean away from the Classic RPG, and thought more about something like Diablo 1, this however will be put on the back burner, and I'm sticking with the Classic RPG. The main idea for the game comes from a Dos title I played over a decade ago, which I cannot remember the name; The game was a shareware indie title. You played as a Hero in Knights Armor going around the map, fighting monsters, and saving the Kingdom from chaos. I could never find this game again, but the concepts and style has been forever engraved in my mind! The logic system was very unique, monsters would never move until you moved, it was almost like a turn based game. As long as you remained still, nothing would happen, even poison was only applied on your next move! Once you move a tile up, then each monster would move one tile in their targeted direction.

I really liked this concept, not only because it allowed more appreciation for game play, and story, but because it was simple, yet fun! I would like to recreate something very similar to this game, but not a clone. Animation in this game was very simple, and almost fully directed to the environment. So this should serve as a very small issue on down time for creating art assets.

With each entry I will state my goals for the day, followed by any extra details I would like to share.

Task 1's Goals:

  1. Finish the Design Document

  2. Create the UI for the Game

I look forward to showing off my progress!

Thank you for reading!

Twitter: [twitter]Black_Rook_Dev[/twitter]
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