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Apologies and Headaches

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So I must first start this off with apologizing to the "writing for games" forum users for my triple post. Internet lagged and i don't know what really happened. Anyways it's fixed no and i feel less stupid.
The forum post happened to be the cause of my headaches. I am currently working on a new language to deepen the lore in my game. Its been going alright, but I've having a hard time creating a flowing sound that doesn't become repetitive. I got a nice moderator response with some links that I'm hoping will help.
Finally uploaded a symbol! Wait no I lied. Well not entirely. This is a symbol, It's just not what our symbol will look like. I created it in a simple iPhone app and its kind of a symbol prototype. My head graphic designer has been more interested in homework than the game (What is wrong with him?). So i promise there will be a complete symbol soon and some concept art. Just be patient.
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