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Game Developer and Under Development Law client Level Up Labs recently launched their latest title Defender's Quest for PC and digital distribution. If you're a fan of tower defense and RPGs (two of my favorite genres) you should enjoy this title. Check out the video and press release below for more information. Incidentally, you'll get $1 off the purchase price if you use coupon code: MONA.
Video: Defender's Quest
Level Up Labs is proud to announce their new Tower Defense / RPG hybrid Defender's Quest for Mac, Windows, and Linux!
Playable demo available here: http://www.defendersquest.com/play_demo.html
In the midst of a devastating epidemic, a young woman finds herself unceremoniously dumped into a plague colony full of monsters. Discovering a strange "half-way world" between life and death, she proceeds to gather a small army of disaffected survivors and sets off in hope of escape!
Defender's Quest is a unique blend of real-time Tower Defense strategy and tactical RPG meta-game, complete with a colorful cast of characters and fast-paced story-telling.
This game respects your time. Play through the game's "casual" missions for a quick 2-5 hour experience, or hunker down and take on "advanced" and "extreme" missions for the hardcore 30+ hour experience you crave.
Defender's Quest is available for sale NOW at www.defendersquest.com!
The game is currently being offered under an initial release price of $6.99. Everyone who buys the game will receive FREE updates to all future versions of the game.
In a few months a bonus release will be offered, including lots of extra goodies, secrets, and extended end-game content, at a price of $9.99.
The games original soundtrack is also available for sale for 99 cents when bundled with a purchase of the game.

  • DRM Free!
  • Import save file from the demo!
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux!
  • Tower-defense style tactical battle system!
  • Customizable characters!
  • Story written by USDA certified English major! *
  • ~100 Uniquely designed battle challenges over 34 maps!
  • Extreme challenges for Hardcore types!
  • Casual challenges for Your Mom! **
  • Skippable / pausable cutscenes!
  • Accessibility features for gamers with disabilities!
  • Bonus "endless" challenge modes! (Not available in demo)
  • Multiple bullet points!

    *The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not certify the freshness of domestically grown English Majors.
    **The USDA has certified, however, that your mother is a classy lady. You should call her sometime, she misses you.
    Things we didn't include:

    • 40+ hours of padding
    • Zillions of random battles
    • Pointless fetch quests
    • Whiny emo kids
    • Deliberate micro-management
    • Cumbersome menus six layers deep
    • $60 price tag
    • Aeris dying

      Nice things people have said:
      "It's a mix between Tower Defense and a traditional RPG and it's REALLY fun."
      -Robert Boyd, Cthulhu Saves the World
      "The RPG aspects are a real credit to the game... this is the first time I've been so engaged by tower defense in a while!"
      -Rodain Joubert, Desktop Dungeons
      "Pretty much the perfect expression of tower defense in its traditional form."
      -Tom Auxier, Nightmaremode.net
      "Productivity = Gone"
      -Andrew Smee, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

      Nice articles people have written:

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