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vortxEDIT : progress

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I wanted an easy to lookup property system for the Editor but quickly realised this would have to be intergrated into the game engine, something I was trying to avoid. Trying not to bloat the engine is one of the hardest things I face each day. So I've come up with a system that can be turned off when not needed, for example if in game mode or edit mode. Now I can expose any information in the engine to any external source, namely the vortxEDIT app. This is a very generic system using type IDs etc... simple but very powerfull.

The editor so far:

Just finished the asset list so here's a pic.

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Okay, very happy with the Editor so far. Time to put this aside and work on the Bone animation system, been reading everything i can find on it and feel ready to proceed. This one is a first for me, normally would just use someone's lib :-)

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[quote name='Black-Rook' timestamp='1327862798']
Looking forward to seeing your animation system! :D

I just added a new Node called lsActor which is controlled by animation curves and physics (rag doll), can be used for basic anims and if skeleton attached bone animation. Not sure if this is the right approach yet, but animation is already working on basic objects. I only have Cubic Curves support so far.

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Wish I could give some advise, but sadly I'm not a programmer for anything in terms of 3D rigging, or rag doll effects, unless in 3D modeling software. :|

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hey thats cool, I have a 3D animation background too. Blender, XSI and Max are my strengths. But I've used most of them.

As far as the code goes, I'll work it out. I'm on a roll :-)

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