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~$2,000 and my truck is finally running after 2-3 months, gonna need a $400 fuel pump soon too... uh. ~$200 bucks and I finally got my pc back to normal, but had to reinstall everything. Thing locked up to the point I couldn't get anything off it... good thing I happened to backup my projects two weeks before :). Minor setback... but windows hasn't started and run this good since I first put this rig together. and with the little ssd (dedicated win drive), power on and coding within 2 minutes.... oooo baby.

Well while trying to geth things caught back up... re coding what I lost... and getting used to the switch from vs2008 to the o10 version. I actually kinda like the new one..but project directories still pisses me off. If there's a way to globaly set the directories so when I start a new solution they are already added... I'm all ears.

Heres a quick vid a little 5 hour project. I'll clean it up, plug a few leaks and release it later this week. It's a mix between "Same Game" and "Concentration", you got to find matching color pairs and remove them for points. Getting 4 seconds each time you find a pair to remove another and create a combo that gives you more turns. Each time you reveal a color it takes a turn away from you, so you got to be careful not to just click willy nilly.

Oh I killed not one, but two birds with my truck yesterday... go figure, just get it back, 5 minutes into finally driving it and a swarm of birds leap in from of my truck. Thump... wo... thump... holly crap, two!. Oh and what ever you do, don't try to convince a three year old, that annakin skywalker is darthvader.... "No darth vader has a black mask", he says.... "He will, yes.. but.... Oh why did I start this?"
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