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Dukandia - This weekend

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Hello there,
Now if you've been following Dukandia's progress you'll know that for a while little to know work was being done until last weeks re-design. Now the re-design of course did not go as planned, it went better. The redesign completely changed the speed at which Dukandia can be done. The redesign, however great it is can not protect us from the next road block: Sprites. Anyway below I have a few questions that I hope some of you are willing to answer these questions relate both to personal preference and to what you think is the best idea to keep the project moving.

Server data:
Server data if course is going to be a huge part in Dukandia, and well any other serious online game, and well I just don't have that much experience with server data. In all my years of programming the teams I have worked with, well to put it simply they were the people who said "I hate my job" so the minimum effort was always applied. SO here goes my question:

Do you think on file or MYSQL server data is better, if neither what is a better way?

Sprites now or later:
Now this I am pretty sure comes down to personal opinion although it may be one of those "everyone does this" situations, anyway I was curious I will soon be getting to a stage in development where sprites are needed for sure, should I worry about making them now, or should I use a temp to get programming the rest of the general menus and then come back? In my opinion sprites now but I usually love to hear what people have to say and why, one persona cant identify all the angles after all.

Do you think making a sprite now, or coming back to it later is more efficient / better for development.

Dukandia like all games needs and icon, and well we have a few chosen, not just chosen named! This here is purely personal opinion but it matters to us! So let us know! We have narrowed it down to two contestants:

Bill the leaf, or bob the book (below)?



Sundays inside peek
This Sunday I have decided that I will post a video of Dukandia's menu. This is really nothing to be waiting for however, it does show you the menus, how they look in working order and such and thus it IS worth mentioning, so stay tuned!
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Without knowing more about the kind of data you are going to be storing in the database, and how you are going to be accessing it, it is difficult to suggest what the 'best' solution is. I suspect that at this point you won't really know the answer either or rather it is going to evolve as the game itself evolves. With that in mind, I would suggest that you choose something relatively straightforward and create an API to abstract the details away for now. That way you can get something in place, work with it, and if it turns out that it is not quite right for you, it will be easier to change later on.

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The answer about sprites now or later really is all about preference. I always make 'cheap' looking placement art so I can get on with programming the game! Once everything is working perfectly, I slowly start re-making each sprite until they're all completed.

Some people have a big list of all the required art assets, and make them all first before even programming. Mind you, these people know the proper size the engine will be using, and how many frames are normally used in animation, with what limitations the engine has.

I use place holder art so I can get on with development. Speaking of such, I need to finish my project! ;)

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Thanks again for your input, and yeah, I think i'll be doing that method with the sprites as well, I'm really coming close to this point of the game and I think that i'd much rather get into the game before I worry about the actual look of the sprite.

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why not have both icons? You know with a program you can go into properties and pick an icon? let the players do that :D

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