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If It Weren't February, We'd Have An Alpha

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I hate the month of February. I completely despise it. I detest it, and to keep the "d"s going, it disguists me. It's the start of the longest and most borring stretch of school we have. I usually get sick, as it looks like I'm getting now, and the weather is horrible. Someone thought to themselves, "Lets add a holiday to make february a little better" so they added valentines day which, with a parter, is ok, or without a partner, is completely terrible. By this point in the year, those with unrealistic resolutions have given up, and those with realistic ones begin their downward spiral towards their very likely demise.
Why am I telling all of you this? Because this mass amount of extra work combined with the loss of moral has pushed our dev work to a screaching halt. We will finish. One day.
Just as long as at the end of this terrible wintery hold out I can work the team into seeing the coming march as a chance to begin anew. Start some spring cleaning by getting all our ideas straight and dusting of the unfinished code.

P.S. I will have art for you, I promise. My art director just hasnt commited to anything yet and he's really being his own worst critic.
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