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Dukandia - Character Selection Preview

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Well today as some of you may know, I got off work early today, so I decided to finish the "rough draft" of the character selection menu. This menu in my opinion might need some changes, so If you have any suggestions or advice on the design, layout, or anything else let me know!

The menu is comprised of a few parts, one is the three character spots on the left. These have a square where the future character head shots will go. The head shots are there to help you pinpoint the character you want to use, while clicking on it will make the character's information show up on the large right panel. To use the character you double click the character after the information appears on the panel.The information panel will tell you their "experience" some of their skills, I might add an inventory preview and you will get a small preview of your stats. Your hunger, Stamina, and health bars.

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I'm glad you liked it, I had planned to have chains or fines connect the left panels but I was unable to get good results, hope it still turned out good.

This weekend it looks like the settings menu should get done along with account logging in and registering getting set up with the server!

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