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vortxGE 2.0 progress

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[size="5"]vortX GE 2.0
[size="4"]by Lee Stripp


Load animation file .vxa
Load bone file .vso (vortx skeleton object)
Load animation file .vxa

Holds a list of lsMesh_ptr objects.
Use lsMesh_ptr render range to switch current mesh.
Holds a pointer to a lsMesh asset.
Render range: near and far cutoff for culling and LOD.

Add new image class to support Texture arrays.

Add new image class to support Cube Maps

[size="4"]Shadow Map Switching System
Needs a trigger in game that has light list for Shadow Map rendering.
Hold an active trigger pointer
If no active shadow trigger, find closest to camera.
Only update lights when trigger changes.
Shaders need support for 3 shadows.
Put shadow passes into there own list.
Only render one shadowmap pass a frame. No need to update all 3 every frame

Gamma correction and Tome mapping.
Gamma - Should this be done in shader for textures or by the artist.
Check my final output is correct.
Look in reference docs folder for info.

Find a nice way to render a luminance pass.
Whats the best way to combine Luminance with 3D scene for Bloom effect.
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