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Dukandia - Experience a new idea!

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I have been taking a few extra classes lately, and I have noticed an obviouse pattern when it comes to learning (getting Expirience) when it comes to new skills and the like. It's a bell graph isn't it? You start of gettIng little to no Results or progress, then reach a point where your advancing rather quickly, then you'll eventually slow down as you master this skill.

I want Dukandia to have a similar learning Expirience. You start off at What a normal game would game would normally give you then you'll start getting more and more and speed up the time it takes you to do it, then your Expirience gain will level back to normal but the new speed and better results remain. In other words if you get lumber jacking your first few logs will give you lets say 25 exp. Then you will rise from 25 to 30 to idk 50, then after a while it will go back down to 25 with better quality logs and fast logging speed still intact.

sorry was typed mobile and for some reason it dint safe most of what I had.
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