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This was originally going to be a reply to this thread, but I think it kinda took on a life of its own. Usually I keep my journal posts technical, but I guess some philosophical musings here and there are good for the creative process. This was partly inspired by something a friend of mine nonchalantly said when the subject of mortality came up: "I have no intentions of leaving this world when this body dies." Everyone else looked at him like he was nuts, but I was on the same page, "Neither do I."

Regarding the question in the poll in the post, the whole man in the box vs the man on the stage thing is a problem that needs to be solved before I can vote yes. Here's how I see this potentially playing out. Initially to avoid this problem, more and more of our biological brains could be replaced with computer chips until eventually the entire brain is replaced. Hopefully this would work since the rest of my scenario kinda hinges on that. Imagine how fast we could write programs and run simulations without the whole using a keyboard for input, or even having to go through the trouble of translating thought into code. I'd imagine with this ability we could put our collective minds together and make faster and faster computer brains, and soon, a technological singularity would emerge. At that point, almost anything is possible, nanobots to keep our biological bodies alive forever, or leaving them behind and creating such a computer that could house millions of consciousnesses. From this point on, my imagination kicks in pretty hardcore.

Due to the inherently violent nature of human beings, I probably wouldn't want to be around when they eventually destroy themselves. I would probably create some sort of vehicle capable of wandering the galaxy, and would probably fashion it after either the Enterprise or the Tardis, I'm still undecided on this point. One could fashion some sort of transporter/replicator type device to synthesize a biological body, and given that we now have brains that can think and infinite speed, could probably find a way to transfer my consciousness back and forth between biological bodies and computers. Pretty appealing, wandering the universe, living lifetime after lifetime in biological bodies, simulating even more inside a computer. Time travel wouldn't even be out of the question. Boredom and stagnation would be your only threat to survival. I imagine though, whatever would be left of humans, and any other intelligence that may emerge in the universe would provide sufficient entropy to give us a reason to continue to exist. Whatever computer system that houses myself in between bodies would have to be pretty failproof and able to harvest energy from basically the fabric of the universe itself. Sounds pretty far fetched, but remember, with a technological singularity, you could solve much more difficult problems than that. Except maybe the end of the universe, that might require some serious thought. At least to come up with something more creative than just time traveling back to about 13 billion years after the big bang to when things start to get interesting.

The tricky thing to consider is what's to say that hasn't already happened, and maybe I've just decided that lives are less boring if you don't remember anything else.
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