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Dukandia - In-Week Update, and this weekends goals!

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As some of you might know, last week, along with this week Dukandia has been making a lot of progress, as far as finally having something to show for all the hard work being put into the game. Below I will go over what has happened this week, and then I will discuss what I will be doing for this weekend,

Well, this week I was able to get in a few hours off work, I usually don't have the pleasure of having. During this time I've as some of you know, made the character selection screen, as well as released a rough idea of what I plan to do with experience. (I feel that I did not explain the idea in enough detail and this weekend's video will provide a better explanation and some graphs to assist your understanding) I have also got the settings menu pretty much done!, it currently lets you change the sound and music bars percentages, and it saves when you click save, and reverts if you click back! Now all that's left is normal versus wide screen!

This weekend my goal is pretty small since I don't know how hard it will be, will update tomorrow if its easier then expected. Anyway, the first goal is get the settings screen fully functional. The second goal is getting the server set up to log you in! The second goal is the one that I'm worried about only because I will be making user registrations happen on a webpage, so this might be the bulk of my weekend. However if it isn't:

If the second goal is done a lot easier then I expect, the third goal is to make a placeholder for the head shots in the character selection screen as well as make the character creation menu! The fourth goal is to get the character creation menu semi-working, if anything at least get the name choosing set up for this weekends video, if That happens I think it will be one hell of an update in comparison to all our other weekly updates. I am finding the more I use java, just like my bell graph idea states, the faster and easier I am learning to do new things and thus end up getting closer to "mastering" the skills I need. I call that proof of concept.

Let me know how this all sounds, and any questions regarding Dukandia can also be answered!
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Another Update: My test went, well so I might be able to get this done before, noon.

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Update: Login method checks and works, just gotta set up character selection screen and have the client store the account info for use, then itll be making the character creation menu!

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