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vortxGE 2.0 : Self shadow

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Starting to look a little better, I now give full access to settings for shadows to the User. via ShadowMap size and pixel sample x,y values.



And here's another update. Shadow is now a little softer and I added more settings for the User.


Code showing a light setup for the shadowmap pass.

lsLight *light = (lsLight*)demo_scene->getFoundNode();

// set our clip area
float vr = pass_shadowmap->getFBO()->getWidth() / pass_shadowmap->getFBO()->getHeight();
light->Set_Perspective( 45.0, vr, 1.0, 10.0 );
light->setShadow_bias( 0.005 );
// set sample mult
light->setPixel_x( 0.002 );
light->setPixel_y( 0.002 );
// Set light
pass_shadowmap->setLight( light );

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