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Shadow Mapping

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Decided to start learning about some of these new-fangled 3D graphics programming techniques recently. Above is a very early-stage experiment with shadow mapping. I'm generally about 10 years behind the rest of the world, so probably about time I started this.

Wow. This stuff is much, much harder to get right than I ever thought possible.
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Good stuff mate !!! I'm in the same boat as you.. stopped coding for a long time now I'm playing catch up.. I'm working on my shadow maps right now too.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the comments. @Lee, seems like every single detail of this is a bloody shock :) Going to try to get this working properly with this very simple scene before I worry about complicating it.

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[quote name='et1337' timestamp='1329004931']
Looking good! Welcome to the strange and terrifying world of 3D. :) Any plans at this point, or just messing around?

Just messing in the hopes that the messing will lead to some kind of inspiration. I'm finding most of the stuff I get a desire to write is beyond my technical capabilities, so figure will just work on that for now.

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