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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 2/5 - 2/12

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entry

Pixel ? Tile ? World - Servant of the Lord has made available a small tool that you can open from the Explorer right-click menu when you select an image to automatically tile it, this is to quickly check for seamless tile art

Featured Member Journal Entry

Graphics & Games... or the other way around - Matias Goldberg shares his thoughts on the success of the Double Fine kickstarter adventure game project. What are your views on how this will affect the traditional publishing model? Sound off in the comments

Welcome to new journal authors include4eto, TheronKuntz, toddbluhm and CorruptedHeart!

From The Staff

  • The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog - johnhattan has gotten a bunch of requests to review some books from publishers. Check the list and see if there are any you would like him to tackle

    Project Updates

    • Booleans spiffy development journal - boolean has added a whopping 150 new items to his browser-based ship building game to let you really pit your creations up against other players. He covers other benefits of the added items and roadmaps ahead a little
    • Walking Towards The Sun - freeworld has released the quick little memory game he threw together last week, you can download it's source and runtime to check it out
    • Black-Rook's Journal logo+%20bullet.png - Black-Rook has a new video showing the World Designer tool for his classic RPG project
    • WorldAlpha.com DevBlog logo+%20bullet.png - worldalpha has some new sniper mini-game art assets, including the view through the scope, and announces that they've surpassed 2,000 beta testers
    • Melting Cube - cgpIce recaps the week of Dukandia updates, including new menu art assets and a new demo video
    • Journal of Aardvajk - Aardvajk has been thought-dumping recently about his efforts in learning shadow mapping, sharing his works in progress, problems and solutions.
    • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ updates on the progress of his Epoch coding language, steaming hard towards Release 12
    • SteelGolem logo+%20bullet.png - SteelGolem has moved his Ano Sekai development blog to an external wordpress page
    • Journal of Lee Stripp - continued progress from Lee Stripp on his vortxGE 2.0 engine

      Game Dev Stuffs

      • Net Gnome's Vaerydian Journal - Net Gnome exposes the minor flaws he discovered in his A* routine and shows the BT code he is using. He also has a debug video of the pathfinding in action
      • The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog - johnhattan shows that GMail can be a powerful tech support tool even when your customer base numbers in the thousands
      • One man show logo+%20bullet.png - ne0_kamen has up the first part of 2 regarding the real-time raytracing project he's worked on in OpenCL for his university course. In this entry he talks about using OpenCL for general computations
      • The Curiously Recurring Gimlet Pattern logo+%20bullet.png - if you're not under heavy sound requirements for your game and wany to play sounds simultaneously under Win32 without any external libraries then jwezorek may have an option for you to consider.
      • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ continues his series that looks back at the making of his Epoch coding language (still under development) and in this installment talks about the prototyping processes done for the language

        Other Stuffs

        • Journal of Matt328 - Matt328 responds in his journal to the Lounge thread "Would you give up your body to live inside a computer?"

          Thanks for stopping by meh.team
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