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Regular Posting and a Kickstarter Project

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Eventually I will get back to posting on a regular basis. It's been kind of hard as I jump from project to project so often and I hate posting about a project that I end up dumping. That will be changing very soon as I am trying to start moving forward rather than spinning in circles.

I have created a Facebook page for Beals Software (http://www.facebook.com/BealsSoftware) that I will be updating shortly (within the next week) with information about our current project. I will be setting up a Twitter account as well, but I want to wait until I get email set up for the domain to create that.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post was to draw some attention to a Kickstarter project that is very near success, but needs a little bit of a bump:
Party of Sin Kickstarter Page: http://www.kickstart...04/party-of-sin
Party of Sin Facebook Page: http://www.facebook....9119013?sk=wall

[Edit] I want to point out that this is NOT my project. I just noticed the project on Kickstarter and like the idea, so I wanted to help spread the word so that they can reach their goal. [/Edit]
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I just realized that I didn't note that it's not my project. I've updated the entry to reflect this. My Kickstarter project is yet to come.

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Good Guy Programmer16:

Post Kickstarter project to help reach monetary goal

isn't his project.


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[quote name='Black-Rook' timestamp='1329831124']
Wow! This game looks amazing! Reminds me of LittleBigPlanet... :DI cannot wait to see your projects to come Programmer16! :)
Thanks Black-Rook! As soon as I sit down and select a project I'll start posting some information. I look forward to seeing more of your projects as well!

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