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Dukandia - This week's progress and the 3-day weekend before us

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As some of you may know Dukandia has reached the point where all of our planning must be set-up so that we can start working on the game itself. Sadly, this weekend we will not be having a video to preview our new progress since this week and possibly all of this weekend will be some major planning and a review of all of our past and present idea's, through the progression of Dukandia we have changed the way we've wanted to do things by well least to say a lot. So I thought id share some background information for those interested in the progression of Ideas, below that is this weekends idea and what we have finalized so far.

I'll be honest Dukandia is one of those project's I have always wanted to start and its idea has gone through worlds of changes. Dukandia originally was a simple hack and slash orpg. the game was meant to feature many creatures and a world of creatures you've never seen before, this was approximately two years ago. Now despite all the planning put into it Dukandia never did kick off, then about a year ago, I had a change of heart, I realized that making it this way would be well, too bland in my opinion. So i set myself making the player live in a persistent earth, where they would strive to live off the land, with other players. This however had re-spawning, and well it featured many flaws. Since then Dukandia has been in planning non-stop. I had decided to change many key aspects. Instead of earth, I decided it should be a world "similar" but not exact to earth. Animals you've seen mixing with animals you can only imagine. I also changed it from "normal" 2D to isometric 2D. Death is a constant reminder to watch what you do and form alliances and such. In all Dukandia is ever changing even today, and in my opinion can be summarized as a "life" simulator, I want to see when given the options what players decide to do, how the community decides to handle crime as a whole, how alliances will work, and if like the present day, will people start to have to conserve the resources they have, will terraforming remove some habitats and thus cause the death of entire species in the world I present them? these are questions I greedily await the answers to.

This weekend:
This weekend we want to plan out the first hour to first five hours of possible game play, this includes character creation, possible locations and the resources each area will allow you to use. As well as some of the problems, technology, and skills you will be able to use.

Note: Im directly pasting from a text file so all formatting is "indent" based

*Note: colors are beige, red, blue, and green for startup.
Cloth Shirt
Long Sleeve
Short Sleeve
No sleeve
Cloth Vest:
No Under Shirt | Long sleeve
No Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
No Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Long sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | Short Sleeve
Cloth Under Shirt | No Sleeve
Cloth Dress:
Cloth trousers:
Long Legs
3 quarter legs
Cloth Skirt:
Cloth Hoods:
Up | New
Up | Torn
Down | New
Down | Torn
Cloth hat:
Long Toung
Short Toung
No Toung
Hidden Attributes:
Hidden attributes and extra bonuses can be unlocked using the redeem code function so expiriment!
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Hi all... I'm the mysterious sidekick of Ice. Technically he works for me but I don't like to think of it that way. www.gameitgames.com the site some of you have seen before in Ice's first post, is infact my website. Iron Genesis (Yes we changed the name again, not veridian anymore) is my company. but since I seem to find java impossible, it seems to be the general rule that Ice is programmer and everything else, and, should anyone ask, I am "Public Relations" Although, all jokes aside, I did make the terrain sprites for Dukandia that as far as we can tell, we will be using. I also help out when possible with planning and ideas. I feel really bad with him doing all the work while I play games, so I try to help when possible. Anyway, just making my presence known ;)

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