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Saturday Dev Update

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As Saturday comes, here is a recap of what happened at Demergo and what got done.

On the art side of things, the main character Fixbot was rendered, and one of the enemies was rendered as well. A lot more concepting of environments occurred as well as some rendering of the environments.
On the design side of things, design finalization was taking place on level 7, level 6 got an alpha build in the level editor and level 8 design was started. A lot of fine-tuning and playtesting of player movement also occurred today.

On the programming side of things, multiplayer/co-op is now working using Apple's game center for matchmaking. We have bullets, player positions and rotation, as well as some level info being transmitted across the network with minimal latency issues, but the really major test will be when we have 10-15 enemies, plus bullets, plus multiple players all on the screen at once. Magnetic surfaces were finished, bounce surfaces are almost done, and conveyor belt surfaces were started. Bullets colliding with level surfaces was also completed. On the level editor side, creating object movement paths was started and will hopefully be finished by the end of the day.

For QA, this was a big day, because this was the first Saturday of major QA testing. Our production pipeline is setup so that a QA build is built on Friday night so that when Saturday morning comes, we can sit down and test out and polish the game, before moving on and adding new features throughout the rest of the week. Saturdays are QA and polish days. We did a lot of QA testing on player movement and bullets and we also did some QA on the different types of surfaces. A lot of polishing was done on those features as well.

Well thats it for our first Saturday update. As we continue to progress in production we might start including screenshots and early gameplay video in these Saturday updates.

Devbot Todd shutting down...
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