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Epoch: Structure definitions get an overhaul

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Instead of working on changing variable initialization syntax (which is hard) I decided to make structures work again in the R12 compiler, which turned out to be more or less just as hard.

The results are pleasing, though:

structure outer :
integer foo,
inner bar

structure inner :
string baz,
string quux

structure test :
integer foo,
string bar,
(func : integer -> string),
(voidfunc : )

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this.

Next I promise I'll work on variable initialization. Here's a preview of what I want it to look like:

structure complex :
real RealPart,
real ImaginaryPart

entrypoint :
integer foo = 42
complex i = 0, 1
print(i * i) // in a special world with custom operator overloads, prints -1
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[quote][code] print(i * i) // in a special world with custom operator overloads, prints -1[/code][/quote]
Shouldn't that print like -1, 0 or perhaps <-1, 0> just to be sane

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