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Moderation Team Changes and Additions

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Just want to make a quick official update about some of the changes and additions you may have noticed we've made to the moderation team over the past few months.

New Senior Moderators

Community Manager Washu and myself appointed two new moderators to the Senior Mods council - swiftcoder and jbadams. They join both Washu and Sneftel as head of our moderation team. Senior Mods are generally who interface with the Staff the most and help resolve any disputes that occur between moderators as well as setting/enforcing moderator policy.

New Moderators

We value the time each and every moderator here on the site puts in to making this such a great community and we recognize that their availability can change, often drastically, depending on life conditions. At some point a mod won't be able to come by the site often enough to feel they can properly do their job and while we know they will still stop by every now and then, it's time to fill out the ranks a little bit with new mods to help fill in the gaps.

So with that the mods and I put our heads together and evaluated community members to select new moderators. We decided on three - Hodgman, rip-off, and frob.

New Forum Moderators

Not every moderator is in charge of a forum - the majority are just "roving moderators" who are around to handle issues that crop up anywhere. In fact, all mods can moderate across the forums, it's just that "forum moderators" are the go-to mod for issues that pop up in specific forums when a user wants to contact someone, and are also responsible for keeping the forum tidy and any FAQs or such material.

Game Programming - Zahlman had to step down from his duties. swiftcoder stepped up to take over his duties.

APIs and Tools - with swiftcoder shuffling over to Game Programming we assigned Hodgman over here

Mobile and Console Development - Sneftel also announced he needed to take a step back from forum mod duties, and we brought on frob to take over for him

Visual Arts - dbaumgart had to move on from moderation duties and JTippetts volunteered to step up and take over

Once again a thank you to all our moderators, past and present - all 50+ of you!, for the time and effort you put in to helping shape this community.
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