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Every Semicolon: Part 1 & 2 - A video capture of a game made from start to finish

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Matt Carr


Before starting our new game project I had a thought: that I could record the entire process from start to finish and put it online as both a learning tool for others, and a way of receiving feedback on what I do so I too might learn some new things and improve the game before it's released. This will be a fairly long series as while the game is not massive, it's certainly not a small weekend game-jam sort of production.

So far I've recorded 2 videos, one 2 hours and the other 4 hours long. Trying to talk to yourself while working for 4 hours straight and not devolve into inane rambling is difficult (so far impossible), but this is something I want to improve on as I continue with this series. I'd really appreciate feedback on any aspect of the videos, be it the game itself, the video production, what I talk about or my programming and development techniques.

Here is Part 1:

(I recommend watching in 1080P. Watch on YouTube)

Some of the events in this video:

  • I start a new Unity project and begin setting up the folder structure
  • I discuss some general concepts of the Unity engine
  • I write some basic scripts and show how to apply and use them
  • I show how to setup and use prefabs
  • I show some shader development and get fooled by Unity 3.5's new Linear lighting solution which sends me on a shader debugging session
  • I write a new custom editor window for measuring distance between objects

    Here is Part 2:

    (I recommend watching in 1080P. Watch on YouTube)

    Some of the events in this video:

    • I develop the initial elements of a camera manager to handle smoothly repositioning the camera
    • I create the first basic siege weapon in the game, the catapult with placeholder graphics
    • I create the top and side aiming modes with placeholder controls and graphics
    • I create the first "bullet" and set it up to be shot into the fortress

      A little about me: I work full time as the lead programmer of a team working on large "serious game" projects in Unity and work on my own stuff (like the game in this series) on the side in my spare time. I've been working with Unity for around 3 years almost every day.

      I really want to evolve and improve these videos so any feedback is appreciated. Especially important is if you really hate anything I'm doing, please let me know and I'll try to change that.
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