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Every Semicolon: Part 5

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Matt Carr


Part 5 is now online. I wanted to spend a bit of time on something other than the core gameplay mechanics so in this relatively short (1 hour) video I create a waving grass shader and an editor window to support mass placement of said grass (or any other prefab).

Part 5:

(I recommend watching in fullscreen 1080P. Youtube).

Some of the events in this video:

  • I create some grass and write a shader to make it wave in the wind

    • I write an editor window to mass instantiate objects within a certain region for mass placing the grass and future detail objects

      It's still early days so I'd love suggestions on how to improve the videos so that I can evolve this video series as it goes on. I'm definitely going to continue doing it for the foreseeable future as it's a great cure for procrastination and a way of keeping track of exactly how long I spend working on the game.
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