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Lemma Release 1!

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[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]It's finally here! Alright I'm just going to dump everything here. Prepare for face melting.[/font][/color]


Windows MSI Installer (60 MB)

[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]Note: You might get a malicious file warning. It's because I can't afford a code signing signature at the moment, so the installer has not been signed.[/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]If you're NOT reading this on the shiny new website, did you know that you COULD BE? It's right here: lemmagame.com[/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]Please play the alpha and leave your comments! Your feedback is greatly appreciated![/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]And if you simply can't be arsed to play the alpha OR watch the video, here's some screenshots:[/font][/color]



[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]Enjoy! smile.png[/font][/color]

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Invalid download link, here's the correct one: [url="http://lemmagame.com/#downloads"]Windows MSI Installer (60MB)[/url]
Note that it takes an inordinate amount of time to fetch the download on Chrome - it seems nothing is happening for about 2 minutes, then the "save file as" window pops up to ask you where you want to save the installer to. Once it actually starts to download, though, 60 MB downloads at the normal (fast) speed.


Love the game! Very atmospheric.

[b]Some things I enjoyed:[/b][list]
[*]Wall running (once I got the hang of it, it was very fun)
[*]The concept of wall kicking.
[*]Text-message communications.
[*]Highlighting an area to help you reach it with your jump.
[*]The world itself (it's setting, design, and atmosphere).
[*]The graphical style (not simply the voxels, but how you render them).

[b]A few graphical problems:[/b][list]
[*]I could frequently see through walls if the camera got to close to them.
[*]The FOV felt weird. I was playing at 1680x1050 which is a widescreen view.
[*]The rendering was distinctly falling behind at some points, with parts of the screen updated but other parts of the screen lagged behind for a fraction of a second. Are you sure you are using double buffering?
[*]The screen blurred too much when turning around too quickly. It also made the lagging rendering extra noticable.
[*]The game screen went entirely white (but music was still playing) when I went from fullscreen to windowed mode. It stayed white for a minute or two. Long enough that I thought I had to close the game and restart from the beginning.

[b]A few physics problems:[/b][list]
[*]A half-dozen times I jumped and landed on the edge of a block, and got stuck. Trying to jump fails most of the time, but eventually works and I get free and can continue playing.
[*]The placement of blocks was hard, because had I destroyed every red block, I'd have nothing to build on. Also, the blocks move and shift as I place stuff on them... but they don't settle down as gravity dictates, instead deciding to hover about a foot off the floor at times.
[*]Once, while trying to build the bridge, the large block walkway I was working on seriously [b]floated into the air[/b], and up [b]and over the ledge[/b] I was trying to reach to, putting those blocks I needed for the puzzle/challenge forever out of my reach until I complete the problem I needed them for.

[b]A few gameplay problems:[/b][list]
[*]Wallkicking multiple times is extremely difficult. It's hard to control. Suggestion: Try having the camera re-orient to face in the direction you are moving.
[*]You introduce wall-kicking... and then make me immediately use it not just in one or two simple challenges first, but by making me wall-jump a dozen consecutive times up a hall... and when you mis-jump near the top, you fall to your death from the height. Furthermore, the place that first introduces the crumbling blocks is at the top of the hall, so that when you finally reach a platform to rest on from the wallkicking, it crumbles underneath you. That wall-kicking hall was incredibly difficult because of less-than solid controls. I eventually got up, but by doing so in a way I don't think you expected (I just faced one wall, and ignored the platforms, wall-kicking back and forth until I reached the top. Even that took me three tries).
[*]You did the same thing with the building blocks. You don't start by building something small, you start by having to build a bridge. This was insanely difficult, and I failed to accomplish it... so I built a ramp (or what barely passed as one, it was really difficult) instead.
[*]When jump-sliding, you jump and [b]hold[/b] shift. When landing you jump/fall and [b]click[/b] ctrl as you land. They ought to either both be hold, or both be click.

[b]A few tutorial problems:[/b][list]
[*]The onscreen text mentioned I can 'pick up' blocks with right mouse button. Right mouse just punches the blocks and breaks them. I eventually realized that I somehow acquire the broken blocks once they fade away, but I don't know how many I have, and there was nothing that told me that.

Eventually the game crashed (where you knock the block into the lava), so I stopped playing there,

Very excellent job! I fully understand that it's in early alpha, so you probably already know 90% of what I mentioned. As it currently is, it's definitely a project to stick with. I'd buy the completed project - this is exactly the types of games I'm interested in.
The greatest thing in video games for me is atmosphere and gameplay - and your game looks like it will be very atmospheric when it's completed, with very excellent gameplay.

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Shoot, I knew I'd screw up something! Link fixed.

Wow, that's a lot of feedback! Thank you, exactly what I need.

I'm aware of most of the graphical/physics problems, but the gameplay/tutorial issues you mentioned are interesting. I'm sure you're right about the way I introduce things badly. I've been playing it too much to know what's difficult and easy. About the bridge though... that should have been very simple, so something must have gone wrong there. You're referring to the part where you're on a ledge and it tells you to slide off the edge, correct? Should just be a matter of jumping and holding Shift.

You don't acquire the blocks once they fade away. Seems that mechanic is confusing and needs more explanation. It works like this: hold down the right mouse button to select a block (it looks the same as when you're highlighting an area to jump there). Then hold down the left mouse button (or Q or E) to build off of that block. You have unlimited blocks, but you can only build off of existing red blocks.

Glad you like the atmosphere! Hopefully I will get all these issues ironed out for another release in a month or two.

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[quote name='et1337' timestamp='1330375213']
About the bridge though... that should have been very simple, so something must have gone wrong there. You're referring to the part where you're on a ledge and it tells you to slide off the edge, correct?[/quote]
Yea, I think so.
[quote]Should just be a matter of jumping and holding Shift.[/quote]
Well, the text told me I can only slide on red blocks. I already destroyed the red blocks. So I jumped down, trying to time my 'ctrl' to land properly, and kept landing in the midst of those spinning enemy blocks, before I finally killed them all. I probably died twenty times there, half from the enemies, half from failing to land properly.

Once down there, and the enemies killed, there is the giant red block ball with the stick holding it in place. I broke the stick, but it didn't move, so I broke the ball also, and tried to use the red blocks to build a bridge. I failed to do so (the bridge levitated off beyond my reach), so I instead tried to build some kind of stairway/ramp - which was difficult because I can only build off of a pre-existing red block, and they were difficult to push around.

[quote]You have unlimited blocks, but you can only build off of existing red blocks.[/quote]
Sometimes it wouldn't let me build, so I assumed I ran out. I must've not highlighted the blocks correctly during those times.

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Okay, I understand now. I hadn't thought of what would happen if the player breaks all the blocks and there's nothing to build on. I should have some of them grow back or something.

It should always let you build, but it will only go 10 blocks in one direction and then you have to highlight it again to keep going. That's just to keep the player from holding it down forever and maxing out their computer.

Thanks again for the feedback. Extremely useful.

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