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Opus3D low poly modeller reawakened

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Playing with Milkshape again and coming up against some of its bugs has got me reinterested in working on Opus3D, my own low polygon modeller. Screenshot above for those of you who have forgotten.

It's meant to be a kind of modern Milkshape but with some improved features. At the moment, it doesn't quite match Milkshape for modelling features (although has some features MS lacks) and has nothing in place for animation or material/texture editing.

I'm back using VS2008 at the moment as I'm on pay as you go internet and can't afford to download 2010 since my latest crash-reinstall-Windows fiasco so I had to convert the Opus source back to using old-style iterators instead of the auto keyword. It is a bit of a pain working on this source as my coding style has changed completely since I was last working on this, but as I hope you can gather from the screenshot, far too much work has already gone into this project to abandon it so I'll just have to cope.

If anyone is interested in the current feature-set, old journal entries from here backwards were written up at the time. It's actually pretty good so far, although lots left to do.


Wow, that was trippy. Just read back over my old Opus-related journal entries to remind myself what I'd one, what I was planning and so on. I'd forgotten that I'd started this project around the time I was bouncing in and out of AA and trying to stop drinking (I'm about 8-9 months sober now and have fully accepted that I'm an alcoholic).

That was so weird, was like going through the last eight months in about 10 minutes in my head.
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Congrats on the sobriety. I remember the birth of this project, and how much i detested it... no offense, but I wanted to see more of the squishy. :) Have you made any progress on that front?

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[quote name='NineYearCycle' timestamp='1330368294']
Are you planning on releasing this for people to play with? Or Open Sourcing it? (Yeah I know that question gets over asked, sorry :D )

Open source is probably the most likely, but not until I've got all the basic functionality working. I'm hoping to implement DLL-based plugins as well for extensibility so may just leave it at that.

Certainly it will be released in some form if ever finished and I'd imagine for free. Milkshape is a good piece of software but I don't think it justifies a price tag in this day and age (no offence Mete).

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[quote name='Burnt_Fyr' timestamp='1330372461']
I remember the birth of this project, and how much i detested it... no offense, but I wanted to see more of the squishy. :) Have you made any progress on that front?

Afraid not and highly unlikely that Squishy will ever get revived. Its a personal thing, that project takes me back to too many times in my life I'm trying to move on from. But thank you for the kind comment. :)

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It's nice to see that you are back in business again. It's kind of inspiring for me to get back to my project, but I have a feeling that programming gets totally out of my interest... Maybe I'll be back again but I'll be following your project (through the journal at least), that's sure.

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