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CreateThread for Windows 8 Metro

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The WinRT programming environment, which is used to create Metro applications for Windows 8, replaces the old Win32 threading APIs such as CreateThread with a new ThreadPool::RunAsync API. This is generally a good thing (ThreadPool is better than CreateThread for several reasons) but it can be a pain when trying to port existing code that depends on those older APIs.
Porting shim to the rescue! This code emulates a subset of the Win32 threading APIs as a wrapper on top of WinRT ThreadPool:

  • CreateThread
  • CREATE_SUSPENDED and ResumeThread
  • Partial support for SetThreadPriority (see comments in the header for details)
  • Sleep
  • Thread local storage (TlsAlloc, TlsFree, TlsGetValue, TlsSetValue, plus see header comments about TlsShutdown)

    Get it here: ThreadEmulation.zip
    I recommend only using this for porting legacy code. When writing new Metro applications, it is better to directly use WinRT ThreadPool.aggbug.aspx?PostID=10281576

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