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Main menu, (the corner of the) map visible, game state diagram

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Servant of the Lord


I can see my world again! For quite awhile (many months) while doing alot of architectural changes to my code, I could no longer see the maps being displayed onscreen because I had disabled that part of the engine. Since I wasn't specifically working on the visual side of things, I hadn't bothered to get it back working.

Anyway, yesterday I re-enabled that section of the code, and this appeared:


This is a picture of a test map from some many months previous, and the clear-color in the background.
Sure it's not as beautiful as some other work I've uploaded, but having not seen it in a long time, it's comforting to know the map rendering still works.
I'm currently re-factoring part of the movement, collision, and player data code to make things less interdependent, so I can't scroll the screen atm, since that code is being worked on. Even so, just seeing that little corner of a test map is nice. happy.png

Oh, I've done some work on a main-menu of the game:


I'm thinking of adding dynamic sparkles to the static ocean image, to make it look [s]prettier[/s] more manly. laugh.png

I've also done some work on adding GameStates to the game, since the GameState system was already implemented.
I was getting a few stack order issues messed up in my head while working, so I sketched out the states on a piece of paper:


[size=2]Not all GameStates shown have been added yet. There are also going to be more GameStates than just those shown, but I was only interested in two specific branches (MainMenu and PlayingGame) when I drew that.
[size=2]None of the states shown are actually completed yet, I'll continue working on them and tweaking them throughout development I'm sure.

Pardon the uneven lines and poor pensmanship! It looks like a child drew it with a crayon, and it's leaning over like the Pisa leaning tower.
In a family full of incredibly amazing artists, whatever gene enhances your fine hand-motor skills must've skipped me. tongue.png

Actually, some members of my family are helping out with art for the game as shown previously (over a year ago!):

You'll see more of my 'art' next week when I post some concept blueprints of potential in-game towns. You'll also have plenty opportunity to compare it to my siblings' skills when I post some excellent character concept art the weeks following that.

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SOTL: Check out the software XMind. The personal use version is free. It's a tool which can very easily make those types of scene mapping charts.

It's actually a project planning/brain storming software tool. But I've found it useful in many other ways.

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