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SBA Updates

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I have support for XML added in. I wrote about six classes (my current setup requires a class for each type of storage, so for each structure I have three classes; MsSql, MySql, and Xml), got finished and went "Um...why didn't I use XmlSerializer?". So, rewrote it and I now only have to write two classes when adding a new structure.

I also rewrote the Data interface that wraps the system so that it works properly with the multiple data types.

I've added some new screenshots to the gallery for SBA. Change Log:

1) Added 'Confirm Password' field to the setup dialog.
2) Removed Change Password form and menu item.
3) Added Edit Users form and menu item.
4) Added support for admin and non-admin users.
5) Setup New Company now requires admin credentials.
6) Added XML storage support.
7) Added Edit Contacts menu item, but no form yet.

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