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Revamped Animation Editor

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I can't seem to find the post where I originally posted my animation editor and I don't have any screenshots at the moment (I'll have to dig some up.)
They're just shots from Windows Form Designer, but here is the old Animation Editor and Animation Preview dialogs:

I'm keeping the preview dialog as it works independently of the other system, so it might come in handy at some point.

I am working on the editor for my current project and came up to adding the sprites/animations and was starting work on an animation editor. About half-way through I realized "I made an awesome animation editor for Junk Food Monkey, I wonder if I still have it and if it works?!" So, I dug through my archived projects folder and found it and was quite surprised to find that it still worked without any modifications (I'm surprised as I normally don't design things that well.) I went about importing it into my new code base, started up a test and realized it wasn't quite as awesome as I remember. It worked really well, but it was designed around the sprite and animation classes for JFM which included junk information (sprite's don't need collision boxes, but they need offsets; the old editor had collision boxes in sprites and no offsets.)

I spent about 4 hours trying to get the old editor to "conform" to the new system and decided to start a new control, taking what I needed from the old editor. Assigning offsets via NumericUpDowns is not fun, so I added the ability to drag the frame around, fine-tuning with the NumericUpDowns. The preview system was also a separate dialog before, so I combined that into the new control. The result is what you see in the gallery.

It's not perfect and not completely done yet, but it will work wonders for my current editor.

Added the ability to collapse the side panels and moved the frames ListView into a separate control. Still working on implementing some of the events and the collection. That, however, is a task for another day. Night all!

Here's a shot of it in the SAGE editor:

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