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Opus 3D update

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Just thought I better post an update about Opus really since it's been a long time. I decided at lunchtime today that as well as wading through the planned features, I needed to start actually using the software as well to highlight other things I've not thought of and bugs and so on, so made the above pair of legs in about five minutes. But for a few annoyances, it's certainly as easy for me to use as Milkshape.

Should stop it with the Milkshape comparisons really but guess it is inevitable.

There have been a wealth of features added since the last update - vertex operations like snap, join, break, snap to grid, divide edge etc - and the system for showing and hiding faces and vertices has been finished. Hiding works on a stack basis, so you can hide a group, then another group, then another, then show the last hidden group, back down through the stack. Obviously there is also a show all option.

Visible in the screenshot above is a feature that I'm particularly happy with though. It is possible in the 3D model view to turn on a mirror across any of the three major axes. The part of the model that is not showing the wireframe overlay is mirrored. There is a further option to weld vertices that lie directly along the mirror plane together with their mirrored counterparts, so the shading works properly across the two halves.

This is something I always wanted in Milkshape. It's a real pain to work on one half of a model, then have to manually duplicate, flip and reweld vertices to see what the finished model will look like - often very different to the original half you were working on - so I think this will be a real improvement.

The Sonic model I was showing recently is demonstrating that while the software seems pretty solid, there is much need for optimisation to cope better with higher-poly models but I'll worry about that later on. I'd really like to start thinking about the skeleton system for animation next although I've got a mental block about that since it is such a huge feature. Still plenty of little features to work on in the meantime and I've decided on the plugin system now so can start pushing forward on this as well.

Keep posted.
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without sounding like the party killer. I think you should finish your job on the game you were making, make it for touch devices (android and iphone) and Im pretty sure you will have success. And maybe some money can come in...

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Keep at it mate !! I can see this tool will be a great addition to your future game development. And I understand the whole Skeleton block, I'm having the same struggle :-) Soooo many things to do yet. Good luck.

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Thanks for the comments.

Squishy is dead, as I've said several times. It's for personal reasons mainly although ref the money, at absolute best and with a great deal of luck I imagine I could make a few thousand from it - years of work and vast amounts of effort in return for a couple of months salary doesn't really motivate me. I've never understood how Squishy would work on a touch device anyway.

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