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Platformer Prototype Video

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I got a little more work done on the platformer prototype; not too much, but the animation system is in and working and the engine plays the proper animations (well, except for when falling; I haven't attempted to add that in.) I uploaded a short video that shows off the layering and the (maybe) finished animation system. I have objects in and working properly and was planning on putting that in the video as well, but I kind of forgot. I'll have to put that in the next one.


If anyone is interested in the character sheet that I'm using, I've attached it to this entry. I found it some where a long time ago and stashed it in my backup drive. I tend to grab any and all game art that I can when browsing (especially when it is a 'template'.) I highly recommend it as it makes it nice when trying to decide on an art style and when needing placeholder art. Google Image works wonders, but if it's really good I make sure I snag it.

Back to work.

Just a quick update with a new movie (that I just realized that I, again, did not include objects in. Oh well, nothing fancy anyway.) Just showing the rest of the map that I'm using for development:


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